Festive Greetings!

Festive Greetings!

20th December 2011

Festive Greetings from Islands & Rivers

What an amazing end to 2011. Who knew that whilst we were paddling on the River Shannon back in 2010 that a group of birds would fill the sky to the horizon and swirl around us and create incredible shapes and a feeling that we would remember forever… and then one year later, one competition later, millions of people would share that moment with us.
Sophie & I have been busy designing and painting and hand-writing a really special Murmuration DVD which there is more about in the rest of this newsletter – we hope you like them :)

Murmuration – now available in a limited edition DVD!

Islands & Rivers are very excited to announce that we have made Murmuration into a really special DVD; with the original Murmuration film in highest quality, plus a second film of the exclusive extended Murmuration footage with the original natural audio, and a third film made with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ own Abbi Jinks explaining all about starlings and the fantastic sight of a murmuration.Sophie and Liberty have created beautiful bespoke artwork for the covers, which are available in limited edition runs of only 100 of each design. Each cover is numbered and individually printed from their hand-cut designs, on 100% recycled packaging.Each of the custom-made covers includes a DVD and fold-out insert, with 10% of all profits going to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

If you would like a limited edition Murmuration DVD in time for Christmas we will need your order by the 20th December (UK and the Channel Islands) and if you live outside the UK we can happily post to anywhere else in the world – though it probably will not be there in time for Christmas – but what about a pick-me-up for the post Christmas season?!

DVD specifications

Included on the Murmuration DVD:- Murmuration (Official Version – Full Quality)
– Murmuration (extended footage with natural audio) DVD-only EXCLUSIVE
– An Afternoon with the RSPB DVD-only EXCLUSIVEThe DVD packaging is designed & printed by Sophie & Liberty of Islands & Rivers:- Handmade production
– Limited Edition runs of 100 copies of each design
– Hand-printed on heavyweight 100% recycled paperboard
– Beautiful fold-out booklet

We are very excited about all that 2012 will hold, we’re especially looking forward to introducing you to our projects in the new year!
Have a lovely festive season, and keep in touch


Liberty & Sophie xx